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My Luna story

Every idea starts with a story, mine started with my love for my dog, Luna. I met Luna in February 2021, like the best love stories, I wasn’t looking for her or expecting it, I saw this scraggly, scared little thing and fell in love with her. People say...

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Why does my dog bark for no reason?

Help! Why does my dog bark for no reason?

Barking can be very annoying. I’m sure Luna and Sasha say to each other sometimes, ‘Let’s go out and just bark.’ It’s hard not to shout at them to ‘Stop Barking!’ or tell them to ‘Shut Up!’ This reinforces the barking behaviour, and makes you look like a numpty. Read...

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What natural snacks can I feed my dog

What natural snacks can I feed my dog?

When researching this blog, I came across this statement, “In theory, if your dog eats a nutritionally complete and balanced diet, they don’t need any snacks or treats. They won’t be hungry between meals and won’t be starved of nutrients. Too many extras outside your dog’s meals can throw...

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The sea and dogs

Do you and your dog love to walk by the sea? There is something I love about the sea and the beach. Every week I go sea swimming with my best friends. I often don’t want to get in, and then I don’t want to get out. It is...

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Top three dog training lessons

The secret to dog training

My dog trainer, Karen, said, “80% is training the owners, 20% the dogs”. Luna and I have started a new dog training course, we have been to three dog training lessons so far, and we are bottom of the class.  Why do we put ourselves through dog training? In...

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Top Five Tips to Bond with Your Dog

Five Top Tips to Bond with Your Dog

ThisHow do I know if I have a strong bond with my dog? I love Luna. And I know she loves me back.  Dogs magnify love back to you tenfold. What you give them, they give back to you.  That’s one of the reasons 40% of households in the...

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