The secret to dog training

Top three dog training lessons

The secret to dog training

My dog trainer, Karen, said, “80% is training the owners, 20% the dogs”.

Luna and I have started a new dog training course, we have been to three dog training lessons so far, and we are bottom of the class. 

Why do we put ourselves through dog training?

In the first lesson, we were sent away to work on ‘name recognition.  After all this time together, she has got to know her name, surely? Really?

Apparently, it is common for puppies Luna’s age to go through the teenage years and become silly. Silly is a good word for it. In the last lesson, I gave up, and Luna spent the rest of the time under a chair watching the other dogs. 

It has been suggested that she doesn’t think she is a dog and wonders why I take her to a class full of animals when she is clearly of human standard.

Toby the Daschund did realise she was a dog, and a girl, one at that. The puppies would be cute, but we are not quite ready for a teenage romance just yet – sorry Toby.

But I have to say there is hope in sight.

In our last training session, one of the other owners introduced Luna to Liver Cake. Miraculously she suddenly did know her name and understood the command ‘Luna Sit.’

Today is Monday, and I have started 30 days into the healthy living Vegan challenge. Great, I can’t wait, I am a vegetarian anyway, and I am looking forward to doing my bit for the planet, resetting my health, and welcoming a plant-based diet…. That was the plan.

Currently, my kitchen has a boiling pan on the cooker. It looks like the bunny boiling scene in Fatal Attraction… Luna is loitering in the kitchen, looking very hopeful.

Yes, that’s right, in the pan, boiling away is part of an Ox’s liver.

I know I’m not fooling anyone. You know I am cooking it for my benefit – not to eat, of course, but I so do not want to be bottom of that training class next week – my 80% training this week is how to make doggie training liver cake – lucky Luna. 

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