How much exercise does my dog need?

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

How much exercise does my dog need?

Knowing how much to exercise your dog, is quite an emotive issue. 

I’ve found a lot of dog owners feel quite guilty if they can’t get out as much as they would like

A dog walk has so many benefits for the owner just as much as the dog;.It’s good for your mental health, exercise, and general well-being, sometimes, when I take Luna out, I stop and talk to the older generation, who seem to make their daily dog walk a social event. 

Without that walk and social interaction, I wonder if they would speak to another person all day.

How much exercise does your dog need?

When Luna was a puppy, I took her for a run until a kind person explained that I might be exercising her too much.

Luna needs much less walking than some larger dogs, but how much is too much, and how much is too little?

I believe our furry friends will try and tell us if they do not have enough exercise, look out for signs like:

  • Being destructive – yes, they all chew at some time or another; Luna chews my slippers when she wants a walk, look for the subtle, or not-so-subtle, signs.
  • Weight Gain – just like us.
  • Excessive Barking – again, this seems to be a common issue, but are they just bored?
  • Being Withdrawn – I love that happy grin some dogs get when they’ve had a great run; they also get sad if they don’t get to do their favorite things that often.

PDSA has put together a guide, which is a good place to start.

How much exercise does your dog need?

I don’t believe this means hours of walking; there are many great forms of exercise for our dogs.


I love watching runners running with their dogs; great for both of you if you keep safe and take some water with you; you know your dog best; if he/she is reactive, then be very careful.


I love a sea swim; I often see dogs in the water; they look so happy; I even came across someone swimming with their dog side by side.


Frisbees and ball launchers are great if you want to conserve your energy but tire your pooch out.


When Luna and Max get the zoomies together, it’s a great result. I wonder if sometimes one of them says to the other, ‘Let’s run,’ and they run from one end of the garden to the other like a relay race. 


Going for a lovely woodland walk or along the sea are my favorite things to do with Luna, I think most dog owners would agree, it’s just those days when it’s pouring rain and freezing cold, but we still have to go.

As they grow as puppies or age, we must be careful of how much they can do; always ask your vet if you are worried.

As dog parents, we can only do our best. We all have different lives and responsibilities.

We know our dogs best, and deep down, we know if they are getting enough exercise or if we could do more; I think the great thing is they love us for everything we do for them and even more if we take them to the smelliest dirtiest, places we can find. 

Happy, smiling dogs. And nothing in this world looks cuter than an exhausted, sleeping fur baby whilst you put your feet up for a cup of tea time.

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