What does my dog need to be healthy and happy?

How To Understand My Dog Needs

What does my dog need to be healthy and happy?

We love our dogs and want the best for them. Having a dog, like any parenting, does not come with an instruction manual. We are all learning, and each dog is different, and also learn into these blog How to understand My Dog Needs.

There are some key areas you need to tick the basics on; I like to call these the four pillars of caring for our dogs.

This will give an excellent foundation for caring for your dog, increasing your bond, and helping them live their best life.


Taking your dog out daily is important for the amount of exercise they need, depending on their breed, and for them to experience life. Different smells and experiences and to learn about other dogs. Playing and interacting with your dog is beneficial for both of you. Allowing them to interact increases their levels of happiness overall.


Diet is vital, to think carefully and research what we are feeding our dogs. A dog’s nutrition needs change throughout their lives. A puppy needs to gain weight and have excess energy, whereas older dogs need fewer calories.


They need regular checkups at the vets and a regular grooming routine. Looking after their coat and skin helps you check for health conditions while keeping them clean and comfortable.


Dogs are social creatures, and keeping them isolated for long periods can lead to big problems. Spend time with your dog training, playing, and interacting. Be consistent and give lots of praise. If you need to be away, invest in a dog walker or ask family or friends for help.

Spending time getting to know each other helps you understand your dog’s body language and how they communicate.

Start to learn your dog’s signs of stress;

  • Are they panting? Has their breathing changed?
  • Have they tried to make themselves bigger?
  • Are they trying to hide?
  • Are they making themselves smaller?
  • Have they frozen?

Look out for calming techniques. Are they yawning or licking their lips, trying to calm a situation in which they feel uncomfortable? In these blogs we talk about how to understand my dog’s needs.

Long-term stress needs to be avoided for our dogs and us. Working on de-stressing your dog can need buckets of patience, being kind and calm, introducing them to what stresses them in small doses, reassuring them all the time, and being consistent.

Having a dog can be the best thing in the world; they offer us protection, unconditional love, understanding, and companionship and are part of our family. The more we bond with them and look after them, the more they magnify this back to us. 

Enjoy your journey with your best friend.

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