My first experience of fostering dogs

My first experience of fostering dogs

I have been thinking for a while about fostering, and I knew I would like to help; I love dogs and have a dog-friendly house and garden… also Luna loves most other dogs and would definitely benefit from it.

My expectation was to begin my fostering journey sensibly, pacing myself and NOT falling in love, at least not yet.

Yeah, okay, I know; it was obvious what was going to happen…. love finds you when you least expect it, and no one has been shocked by the outcome of this story…

I ended up in contact with a charity, love4dogs; I spoke to a lovely lady about her experience as a fosterer and then spoke to the charity’s leader. This charity truly does such amazing work, fostering is totally addictive, who wouldn’t want to help these beautiful dogs?

I was quickly assigned a dog called Little Max, who was due to arrive on a Thursday; I joined in with a Facebook messenger group (who all seemed lovely, too). I got the crate ready, a bed, blanket, water, boiled some chicken and rice, and waited… Little Max turned up at 2 a.m. on Friday morning.

The first thing I noticed when they passed him to me was no weight in my arms; he had no fight or flight left in him. He was exhausted and lay in my arms, his head against my chest. I was passed the paperwork and passport, and the drivers continued off into the night.

They must have been traveling for over 24 hours by this point, saving these dogs and delivering them safely and kindly to destinations all over the UK. Amazing.

I took Little Max inside, fed him, cuddled him for a while, and put him to bed. The next morning, he remembered me and came out for a cuddle, trying to climb on my lap. We immediately bonded.

People talk about an ‘instant connection’ or ‘if you know, you know, well, Max and I ‘clicked’ immediately. He followed me around, sat on my lap when I sat down, and got so excited at mealtimes that he started dancing and ‘smiling’ after a few days.

His intelligence is impressive, he knows when I am going to bed, and he is due a ‘bedtime biscuit.’ He knows when I am getting ready to go out, and he is due an ‘in-your-bed-biscuit,’ and he knows if he does a wee or a poo in the garden… yes, you guessed it, he needs a biscuit. I’ve never known such a foodie!

Luna got used to him after a few days; he is still nervous about strangers, especially children, and would rather hide in his bed until they have gone, and it is just us again.

He loves watching TV on the sofa at night and watching me work.

It took me a whole week to ask for the adoption papers. I am officially a failed foster on the first attempt, but do you know what? He was sent into my life for the right reasons. What is meant for you will always be for you. I am so glad I volunteered to foster

Welcome to the family, Max

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