My Luna story

Every idea starts with a story, mine started with my love for my dog, Luna.
I met Luna in February 2021, like the best love stories, I wasn’t looking for her or expecting it, I saw this scraggly, scared little thing and fell in love with her.
People say dogs look their owners, Luna looked just as I felt. I had just found the courage to leave behind a situation I thought I would be part of forever, my confidence was on the floor, I had lost myself, believed that I was nothing… Luna and I found our confidence together, walks on the beach, patience, love, we built an unbreakable bond.
I often hear how a dog has saved someone, how they bring routine, consistency, purpose and unconditional love into their lives.
I’ve also heard stories on how someone has adopted or rescued a dog and the positivity that has come from that for the dog and the human.
I have always had an interest in Mental Health, through complementary therapies, training courses and now, The GAP Project charity. Learning about how a dog can improve your mental health, self esteem, confidence and well-being is a magical thing.
I would love to hear your stories, if you would like to share, maybe it will help someone, maybe it’ll be nice to know someone feels the same as you do and the peace of heart that brings .
Luna’s Basket is all about building a community of dog lovers, helping each other, and yes, providing the best products and treats as it is a business too, but ultimately it’s about investing and growing the love we have for these special little fluff balls
Thank you for listening
Claire x

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