Dog Flea remover comb

Dog Flea remover comb


  • MOST EFFECTIVE – tips of the flea comb teeth are rounded and smooth, providing a gentle but effective comb to help pull adult fleas out of the hair.
  • PERFECT SIZE – Easy to hold and small enough to store easily.
  • ERGONOMIC GRIP – Simple and effective flea comb with an improved ergonomic handle and high-quality pins.
  • EASY & SAFE TO RE-USE – Completely reusable, easy to sterilise, and clean after each use. Soak the comb in boiling water for 30 seconds to disinfect.


The Dog Flea Remover Comb is an essential tool for every dog owner. This specially designed comb effectively removes fleas and flea eggs from your dog’s coat, helping to prevent infestations and keep your dog comfortable. The comb’s fine teeth are perfect for catching fleas and preventing them from breeding further. It can also be used for early detection of fleas, allowing for prompt treatment. In addition, combing your dog’s fur with the Dog Flea Remover Comb provides an opportunity for bonding and grooming. Many dogs enjoy the sensation of being groomed, making regular combing sessions a relaxing and enjoyable activity. This comb is particularly useful for outdoor dogs and dogs experiencing itching and scratching. It helps in removing any fleas picked up during outdoor activities and provides immediate relief from itching. Using the comb as part of a regular grooming routine can also help prevent infestations, even if your dog does not currently have fleas. The Dog Flea Remover Comb is suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes, making it an indispensable tool for maintaining your dog’s coat and overall well-being. Keep your dog free from fleas and ensure a happy, healthy coat with the Dog Flea Remover Comb.


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