Lion design, slow feeding snuffle mat

Lion design, slow feeding snuffle mat


  • SNIFFING AND SNUFFLING TRAINING – These fun mats stimulate foraging instinct, relieve stress, and are a great energy burner. Hide a few treats and practice finding.
  • ENCOURAGING SLOWER EATING – Hiding the treats/ food can encourage slower eating habits adding fun to snack times. Luna can take up to 20 minutes to find her treats, helping to stop her from asking for more.
  • EASY TO CLEAN/ MACHINE WASHABLE – Easy to clean and machine washable,
  • SOFT MATERIAL – Soft and gentle for playtime, unsuitable for aggressive chewers or unsupervised play. Great for children to get involved with doggy play time, puppies, and older dogs.
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Designed with both fun and function in mind, this innovative snuffle mat is specifically designed to engage and entertain dogs during mealtime while promoting healthier eating habits.

The Lion Design Slow Feeding Snuffle Mat satisfies your dog’s natural instincts by tapping into their scavenging and foraging behaviors. This interactive mat provides mental stimulation and mimics the thrill of the hunt.

By requiring your pup to search and sniff for each delicious morsel hidden within the mat, it promotes healthier eating habits. This slow feeding process prevents common digestive problems and potential bloating.

Not only does the Lion Design Slow Feeding Snuffle Mat promote healthy eating, but it also enhances mental stimulation for your dog. By challenging their problem-solving skills, this snuffle mat helps alleviate boredom and anxiety.

This snuffle mat is most useful for dogs that tend to eat too quickly. It encourages them to slow down their eating pace, making mealtime a more engaging and time-consuming activity. The mat is also perfect for energetic dogs as it channels their energy into sniffing and searching for food, preventing destructive behavior. Additionally, if your dog loves solving puzzles and using their nose to explore, this snuffle mat will be a favorite. It provides a challenging and rewarding experience, satisfying their curious nature.

Give your dog the gift of a thrilling mealtime experience with our Lion Design Slow Feeding Snuffle Mat. It’s suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds, making meals last longer and ensuring they have a blast while eating.


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