Mr Crab squeaky interactive toy

Mr Crab squeaky interactive toy


  • NATURAL COTTON PLUSH TOY FOR DOGS –  Soft plush squeaky dog toys, stuffed with natural cotton with corduroy surface, the inner layer is waterproof.
  • DURABLE AND TOUGH – Mr Crabs legs are knotted with thick hemp rope to ensure durability during dog chewing and teething (not recommended for aggressive chewers).
  • BUILT IN SQUEAKER – Reducing dog boredom and encouraging interactive playtime.
  • HELPS TO CLEAN TEETH – The bumpy surface helps to clean teeth whilst chewing, great for teething puppies.
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The Mr. Crab Squeaky Interactive Toy is a fun and engaging way to keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated. This toy is specially designed to improve your dog’s cognitive and physical abilities through interactive play.

This interactive toy is most useful for dogs that are easily bored or require more mental stimulation. For example, dogs that spend long periods alone at home or those with excess energy may become restless, anxious, and destructive. Interactive toys like the Mr. Crab Squeaky Toy can help alleviate boredom and prevent destructive behavior by providing a fun and mentally stimulating activity for your dog to enjoy.

The Mr. Crab Squeaky Toy comes with multiple features designed to keep dogs engaged and entertained. The toy’s squeaky feature stimulates your dog’s natural hunting and chasing instincts, encouraging them to play and engage with the toy. Additionally, the toy is made of durable and chew-resistant materials, ensuring that your dog can play with it for an extended period without damaging it.

All types of dogs, including small and large breeds, will appreciate the stimulation provided by the Mr. Crab Squeaky Toy. However, it may be most suitable for breeds that tend to be more active or those requiring more mental stimulation, such as Terriers, Border Collies, or Retrievers.


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