Pet hair remover grooming brush – double sided

Pet hair remover grooming brush – double sided


  • GENTLE BUT TOUGH – Built with fine rounded designed to remove tough tangles and knots without pulling.
  • MULTIPLE USE – Great for de-shredding rake or de-matting, removing hair before using our gentle grooming brush for a smooth finish.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – Designed to work with dogs of sizes from small to large with single or double coats and long or medium hair. Works great for dogs like Pomeranian, Husky, Labrador, Golden-doodle, Cocker, and Corgi.
  • NONSLIP HANDLES – Fitted with a non-slip handle for easy grip, helping to reach underbellies and de-shred hair with confidence


This grooming brush features a unique double-sided design with two types of bristles. One side has fine bristles, perfect for removing loose hair and tangles, while the other side has thicker bristles, ideal for a thorough brushing to distribute natural oils and stimulate the skin.

Regularly grooming your dog’s coat is essential for their overall well-being and hygiene. The Pet Hair Remover Grooming Brush is most useful during these sessions to remove loose hair and tangles, keeping your dog’s coat clean and healthy.

During seasonal changes, dogs often experience heavier shedding. This grooming brush efficiently removes loose hair and reduces the amount of hair that ends up on your furniture and floors.

Suitable for dogs of all breeds and coat types, the Pet Hair Remover Grooming Brush gently glides through your dog’s coat, preventing tangles from forming and ensuring a comfortable grooming experience. Regular use of this brush helps maintain a smooth, tangle-free coat for your furry friend.

Not only is the Pet Hair Remover Grooming Brush a practical tool, but it is also a source of pleasure for your furry friend. The gentle bristles and comfortable design make grooming time a positive and enjoyable experience for dogs. The regular use of this brush will help strengthen the bond between you and your dog while keeping their coat looking fabulous.


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