Tooth cleaning bundle

Tooth cleaning bundle

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  • NATURAL TOOTHPASTE FOR DOGS AND CATS – Provides natural anti-bacterial protection, removes plaque and prevents tartar formation
  • DOUBLE-HEADED TOOTHBRUSH – Soft and practical design, improving dental hygiene.
  • 360º SOFT SILICON TOOTHBRUSH – New 360º full wraparound bristles design, the small and highly elastic silicone bristles can carefully and thoroughly clean your dog’s teeth and gums from many different angles.
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Natural Dog Toothpaste
Our natural dog toothpaste is specially formulated to maintain your dog’s dental health. It provides natural antibacterial action that helps to kill harmful bacteria in your dog’s mouth, removing plaque and preventing tartar formation. It’s made with all-natural ingredients and is free from any harmful chemicals or additives. The toothpaste has a delicious taste that dogs love, making it easy to use and enjoyable for your pup. This toothpaste is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs, and it’s most useful when used regularly as part of your dog’s dental hygiene routine. Use it with a long-handled toothbrush or a finger brush to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy.

Long-Handled Toothbrush for Dogs
Our long-handled toothbrush is designed to make brushing your dog’s teeth easier and more effective. The long handle allows you to reach the back teeth and clean them properly, while the soft bristles are gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums. The toothbrush is easy to use and ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. This toothbrush is perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds, but it’s especially useful for larger dogs who have deeper mouths and hard-to-reach teeth. It’s best used in conjunction with our natural dog toothpaste to ensure your dog’s teeth are kept clean and healthy.

Finger Brush for Dogs
Our finger brush for dogs is a gentle and effective way to clean your dog’s teeth. It’s made with soft rubber bristles that are gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums, and it fits over your finger for easy use. The finger brush is perfect for dogs who are new to brushing or have sensitive teeth. This finger brush is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs, but it’s most useful for smaller dogs who have smaller mouths and teeth that are harder to reach with a regular toothbrush. It’s best used in conjunction with our natural dog toothpaste to ensure your dog’s teeth are kept clean and healthy.

3 reviews for Tooth cleaning bundle

  1. Lisa Hansford

    Thank you to Claire for taking the time to chat to me about my pups dental hygiene. She was able to advise me on my 11 week old pup to help me form a routine for him to enjoy tooth brushing daily. Reggie really seems to love the taste of the paste. We have the finger brush which I find extremely handy for his little puppy mouth, he allowed me to brush all his teeth this way. We also have the longer tooth brush for when his adult teeth come in, I think this will be great to reach those back teeth. I feel it’s important to form this routine early on and Claire was instrumental in her advice for how best to go about this and what products to use. A speedy delivery at a very reasonable price. Will be re ordering when needed.

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