Fish design, slow feeding snuffle mat

Fish design, slow feeding snuffle mat


  • SNIFFING AND SNUFFLING TRAINING – These fun mats stimulate foraging instinct, relieve stress, and are a great energy burner. Hide a few treats and practice finding.
  • ENCOURAGING SLOWER EATING – Hiding the treats/ food can encourage slower eating habits adding fun to snack times. Luna can take up to 20 minutes to find her treats, helping to stop her from asking for more.
  • EASY TO CLEAN/ MACHINE WASHABLE – Easy to clean and machine washable,
  • SOFT MATERIAL – Soft and gentle for playtime, unsuitable for aggressive chewers or unsupervised play. Great for children to get involved with doggy play time, puppies, and older dogs.
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Introducing our Fish Design Slow Feeding Snuffle Mat – a playful twist on mealtime that transforms your dog’s dining experience into an entertaining treasure hunt!

Emblazoned with delightful fish patterns, this snuffle mat isn’t just a feeding accessory; it’s an interactive toy that engages your pup’s natural instincts. Perfect for dogs who love the thrill of discovery, this mat turns treat-finding into a mentally stimulating game, adding an extra layer of joy to snack time.

The Fish Design Slow Feeding Snuffle Mat is a fantastic way to inject fun into your dog’s day. Whether as a reward for good behavior or simply as a source of amusement, this mat provides an exciting challenge that keeps your dog entertained.

Tailored for dogs that revel in playful activities, this snuffle mat is an excellent fit for those with a penchant for scavenger hunts. It caters to breeds that thrive on mental stimulation, encouraging them to use their noses to unearth hidden treats.

Ideal for:

Playful Pups: If your dog enjoys games and activities, the Fish Design Slow Feeding Snuffle Mat adds an element of excitement to treat time, turning it into an engaging play session.

Curious Canines: For dogs that love exploring and sniffing around, this mat provides a sensory-rich experience, satisfying their inquisitive nature.

Small to Medium Breeds: Sized perfectly for smaller companions, this mat offers an appropriate challenge for breeds that may find larger snuffle mats overwhelming.

Make treat time an adventure with our Fish Design Slow Feeding Snuffle Mat – a whimsical addition to your dog’s play routine that will have their tail wagging with delight!

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