What dog food is best?

What dog food is best?

Finding the right food for your dog can be a challenging task, especially if your dog is picky like Luna. Despite our efforts to train her with food, she’s not particularly motivated by it. She’ll sometimes eat whatever Max is having, but otherwise, she tends to graze whenever she feels like it.

As I’ve been working on setting up Luna’s Basket, I’ve been delving deeper into the importance of nutrition for our furry friends. The more I learn, the more I realize how essential it is to understand what ingredients and additives are in our dog’s food.

It’s no surprise that nutrition plays a significant role in a dog’s health. Just like with humans, what we eat can have an impact on our well-being. As a result, it’s crucial to understand what to look for in a dog’s diet.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned about what makes a good dog food:

Meat content

Look for high-quality dog food that lists real meat or fish as the first ingredient. These foods are high in protein, which supports strong bones, joints, and lean, strong muscles.


Choose dog food that contains nutrient-rich superfoods and Omega 3 fatty acids. These ingredients can help encourage healthy, shiny skin and coat for your dog.

Avoid low-quality, commercial dog food

These heavily processed foods are like fast food for dogs and can cause all sorts of health problems. Cheaper ingredients often result in cheaper dog food, so be sure to read the ingredients list.

Probiotics, antioxidants, and prebiotics

Look for foods that contain these ingredients as they help with healthy digestion, a healthy immune system, and overall good health for your dog.

More meat content = smaller, less smelly poos

Yes, let’s talk about poo! Recent research conducted by the University of Illinois Department of Animal Sciences has demonstrated that feeding pets fresh, natural ingredients can result in less waste going in and less waste going out. Feeding highly processed kibble, made from leftover waste and unusable ingredients from the human food chain, has the opposite effect.

I’ve been trying out different food samples on Luna, and I’m happy to report that her poos are small and not too smelly. This effect could be due to the higher quality ingredients in the food. Sasha, the German Shepherd, will be the next to try out this theory.

Overall, researching dog food has been an interesting experience. I’m excited to offer a range of high-quality food options at Luna’s Basket, and I can’t wait to hear what your puppy thinks of them. And yes, I’m even interested in the poo theory – I never thought I would say that!

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