The sea and dogs

Do you and your dog love to walk by the sea?

There is something I love about the sea and the beach.

Every week I go sea swimming with my best friends. I often don’t want to get in, and then I don’t want to get out. It is cold – sometimes, my legs and arms hurt, and I get pins and needles while I get used to the temperature. Then my internal heater kicks in, and it feels warm and fantastic. 

Luna has always loved the sea and the beach, too. I love seeing all the other dogs having such a lovely time, jumping, twirling, running, digging, and sometimes swimming.

What is it about those seaside walks? I used to think it was all those smells, seaweed, other dogs, and the sand. Luna gets so much out of it, as do I.

Top facts about the sea and dogs.

  • Exercise: Being on the sand makes dogs want to run and play. I love seeing the owners with ball launchers or the children playing with their dogs on the beach.
  • Paddling in the water: Some dogs like it, and some won’t go near it. I bumped into someone swimming with their dog to a buoy on one of our long swims in the summer! Luna isn’t afraid to get her paws wet.
  • Socialising: Our beach walks were some of Luna’s first socialisation exercises. The dogs seem much more relaxed and easier to socialise with at the beach. 
  • Time off the lead: The dog beach can be a safe space to let your dog run off the lead, releasing any pent-up energy and learning to play safely with other dogs. However, if, like Luna, they need to be better trained in recall, then a lead walk is also lots of fun.
  • A good night’s sleep: That sea air is so good for us in helping us de-stress and sleep well. The same happens for our dogs. 
Facts about the Sea and dogs

Luna, after her beach walks with her friend, Betty .

It is cold getting into the sea. Why do I do it? The overall benefit to my mood is priceless.

“Surf therapy” is shown to boost your overall mood. Getting in the water, moving around, and walking on the beach increase mindfulness and gives you some physical activity. It lowers stress. Being in nature, where you feel safe, can lower your blood pressure and stress hormone levels.

This a beneficial activity for you and your dog; the look of contentment on their wind-blown faces says it all.

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