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Luna’s Basket is the best place to find quality, well-researched, and tested products for your dog, along with a community to nurture and help on your journey as a pup parent.
We believe in a holistic approach to caring for our dogs that includes food, living, grooming, and health. We love our dogs, almost as much as they love us. Join the Luna’s Basket family and together we’ll nurture our dogs to a longer, healthier, happier life.

Dog Food

What we feed our dogs is so important, essential to good and optimum health for our best friends, just as it is for humans.

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Dog Living

From the place they sleep to the squeakiest ball ever, we are about helping our best friends thrive whilst living their best lives. Know More

Dog Grooming

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Dog Health

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Luna's Basket Community

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Luna's Basket Community

Welcome to our very friendly community of dog families.

Please join our dog community, so that we can all be part of and share our experiences offering help and advice when appropriate. Helping to grow our confidence as pup parents and building our own family who loves dogs.
We aim to support each other in our dog community in a friendly, caring, and encouraging way. Please be kind, and respectful and recognise, that although, we are not always going to agree, what we do all have in common, is we simply love our dogs and want the best for them

We believe, by working together, we can give our dogs the best life – working with four key pillars,

We will be looking at these areas and how they impact our dogs well-being in a positive way, and what difference that can make.

Enjoy this group, it’s made for you to support your beautiful journey with your dog 🙂


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